24 hour ambulatory bpAs the name says, this is a continuous measurement and recording of your Blood pressure, typically for 24 hours whilst you go through your normal daily routine.
The test involves placing a regular BP cuff around your arm (as is done in your doctor’s office) and the cuff is connected to a small electronic BP monitor which is placed on a belt around your waist.
The monitor automatically inflates, checks and records your BP at predetermined times during day and night.
On completion of the test ( example 24hours), you return the equipment to our office and the records of your BP, with analytical graphs are downloaded. A report is then created to describe your BP profile.
This report enables your doctor to acertain your current BP over a typical day, and enables him to better manage your Blood Pressure.
A common finding after performing this test is that many people only have high BP in the doctor’s office, an effect called White Coat Hypertension.