24 hour holter ecgAs the name implies, this test is a continuous ECG (electrocardiogram) recording over a period (typically 24 hours, but sometimes up to 7 days) whilst you go about your regular daily routine.
This test is commonly used to detect heart related causes of Palpitations, Chest pain, Fainting episodes and characterise Cardiac causes for abnormal Heart beats.
The test invloves placing ECG electrodes/ stickers to your chest (similar to doing a regular resting ECG). The electrodes are connected by a cable to a tiny recorder which is placed at your waist.
the recorder continuously records your ECG until the programmed end of the test.
During the test, you have the opportunity to indicate, by pressing a button on recorder, that you had symptoms like palpitations, fainting and so on. You also keep a brief diary of symptoms and activities during the testing period, which you submit along with equipment at end of test.
The complete recording is then downloaded, and analysed (in conjunction with your diary) to detect abnormalities that can explain the symptoms you complained to your doctor about.